Preparation is half the work

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Preparation is half the work Several moments a year I enjoy taking the time to cook a special meal. The goal with this is to create a moment of warmth, joy and togetherness with the people I love. So I find the greatest fulfillment in tasting the food and receiving complements from the people I cooked for. This ‘greatest moment’

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The best way to motivate yourself

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The best way to motivate yourself We need a direction in this life. Something to hold on to. Something important enough to keep trying, no matter how often we fail. And what is more motivating than becoming the person you desire to become, giving the world whatever it is that only you have to give and pursuing those things you

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How To Plan

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How to plan Planning your hours, days, weeks and months of the year is a skill. It’s about structuring everything there is to do. A plan is something you can hold on to when there’s a lot of demands, chores and tasks. It helps you memorize what needs to be done.  We all find our challenges when it comes to

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The Life Entrepreneur

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The life-entrepreneur Define and create your own success  You can be that person. You can be a life-entrepreneur. You DON’T have to start a company for that, you don’t have to qualify for anything, in particular, all you have to do is take ownership of your own life.  It is about letting go of the “wealth-image” of success and instead

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Your personal energy bible

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Your personal energy bible Manage your energy levels to fuel your plans, steps and concentration The feeling of holding back in your plans because the energy in your body is just flowing out instead of flowing in happens more often than you might think. According to my research, 45.8% of the woman and 47.6% of the men experience this. Energy

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The magic of concentration

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The magic of concentration 7 things you can do today to increase your concentration In Plan your future we paid attention to your goals and how they often embody more than you anticipate. This can be frustrating! Especially when that means more work and a bigger time investment.  However, there’s also a POSITIVE SIDE. Sometimes they also unlock new opportunities like

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Procrastination Research

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Procrastination Research The many faces of procrastination  We all know and experience it: delaying tasks that we are supposed to do, but we feel held back. It is remarkable for how many different reasons a person can feel held back.  Scientific research gives a lot of reasons. Lack of self-control and difficulty tempering certain emotions are big reasons that other

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Food Personality How personality becomes much more interesting Food, the everyday topic anyone could talk about. It is simple, it is fun, it is a great topic for discussions and it can be used on many different occasions and environments. In other words, a great topic for exploring someone’s personality! Don’t feel like reading?  Add the super useful Chrome Extension of NaturalReader 

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